Thursday, November 01, 2007

The One About Some Air Conditioning stuff.

Was doing some renovation for the new house a few weeks ago
and ordered a few air cond and installed them at the new house.

A few weeks ago, Ah Kok, " Eh Kai Hong, your new house going to be
fully air conditioned or not ? "

Me:" Oh no lah, only master bed room, second room, third room and
living room has air cond only, kitchen doesn't have air cond. Not
fully air conditioned. "

Ah Kok, " Pukimek ! If this is not called fully air conditioned then what
is ? You want to install air cond at toilet too izzit ?? izzit ?? "

Me:" he he he, no lah no lah.... soli loh i don't know mar ! "

Ah Kok 2 legs in the sky.

Well, anyway, these few units of air cond cost me about 7K to 8K
including labour and everything. But ada credit term one lolol !!

Better fix these air cond first then to hack the wall again and drill holes
again after I move in right ??

Anyway, I still don't agree that my house is fully air conditioned, nope!!

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Jasonmumbles said...

Make sure the guest room has air con also, ok? You don't want your guest *coughs* me *coughs* to sweat like a pig while staying at your place, right?

So, interested in renting out the room for me if I ever work in KL? Say RM250 or RM300 per month? :P