Sunday, November 04, 2007

The One About Soundtrack Part Duex.

Went to some Electrical and Electronic shop today to test out
some Karaoke System for my mother. Saw a few potential and ok
one and I asked the sales person if he could find me some Chinese
oldies so that my mother can test it out.

My mother:" Good ! You have any Chinese Oldies songs ?"

Sales person:" Yeah ! Sure we do ! Please hold on a sec !"

Me:" Hmm.... not bad yeah ? Fully prepared !! "

5 minutes later the sales person brought back a CD and put it
into the system and pressed play button.

First song, " By Anita Mui , some 1980s song ... "

me -_-" :"hmmm??? "

Second song, " Aeron Kwok 1992s song.... "

me:"har ????"

Third song, " Leslie Cheung , and Jacky Cheong etc .... "

Me, " Excuse me, I thought i said Chinese Oldies ?? For my
mother ?? Hello ?? "

The sales person, " Anita Mui song's oldies what ? Leslie
also is what ??? " and gave me innocent look....

WTF is wrong with the kids nowadays ???

Or .... hmm... never mind !!

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