Sunday, September 27, 2009

The One About Kuala Krai

After hmmm 8 months of busy working in Kuala Lumpur, I am back to

Kuala Krai where I spent my happy childhood time...

A lot of changes compared to 3 or 4 years ago.

A lot of swifts around ( Not that Suzuki Swift.... ), those swifts which

produces a lot of birdnest using their saliva... and Chinese eat these

birdnest made by these saliva .... and I don't know if these swift got

brush their teeth every morning and night, or clean their tongue or not...

Well.... that is another story..... ( geee... eating birds saliva ? darn Chinese )

Went and took some photos, some nice, some so so and some were quite


enjoy ya....

Visit to Kuala Krai train station is a must, but darn, it has been upgraded

and looked too modern to my liking.

And they demolished my favourite wooden STORE !!! Darn !

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