Sunday, September 27, 2009

The One About Scarry Tree

I was at this Bradley Stairs ( Tangga Krai ) and walking around
when I saw this 38 million years old tree... ok ok... very old
tree and I went to take a few photos of the tree.

The guy selling drinks near the tree :" Eh, sir please be careful ! "

Me:" Huh ? What ? Me ? "

The guy: " Ya, this tree has hantu (ghost) one ! "

Me:" Har ? Are you kidding me? "

The guy:" No ! It is true, a lot of people came and took the photos
of this tree and at night the saw something else in the photo... u
go home later at night and look at the tree carefully and you will
see... teng teng teng.... got something else one !!!"

Me:" Are you very sure ? "

The guy:" I swear by the name of my father, mother and my wife.. "

Me:" They must be using non Nikon Cameras and Lenses.... using lousy
equipment(s) would produce lousy quality of images...

You see, I am using Nikon D50 and 18 to 135mm lenses, all the photos
come out very nice and gurantee no Ghost and Spirits one ... see ? see?"

The guy 2 legs in the sky ....

Me ? I smile and ran away fast fast lah....

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Angela said...

Wah ... KH can run fast fast ...must be quite a sight!