Monday, January 29, 2007

What is an Linggem.

What is an Linggem ?

If you are one of my friends you would probably heard me
saying the below words before :

" Wah ! Syiokelinggem!"

" Oi ! This is crazylinggem !"

" wtfknnbbqkelinggem !"

My friend asked me, what does Linggem means ?

I said," Linggem itself has no meaning, I just put it there so
that the word would sound more sophisticatedliggem ! "

My friend -_-"

Me:" Don't worry, it's really easilinggem one ! "

My friend lagi -_-" and 2 legs in the sky.

So, my friend, don't worry, be happy !!

Linggem is just an stimulus, it's just an pemangkin, it's
just the chili in your Tom Yam, it's the CO2 in your
Coca Cola.

Linggem makes your life become perfect.

Liggem makes your life happy.

Linggem makes your life carefree !!!

Get your own linggem today at the nearest store.

Salam Mesralinggem !!

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Anonymous said...

Happened to stumble upon your blog and found it quite interesting:). Just a little suggestion from me - for the links to archive, maybe u can try using the monthly link? Will be much easier for me to read the archive ;)