Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A Jet in the morning.

This morning while I was mopping the F-117 before taking off to work I
saw this don't know which airline mia plan was flying high and suddenly
changed direction above my head.

Took out the W810i and capture some of the movements.

When I was a kid whenever we saw this, my friends would say " Hei see
rocket flying ! "

I was like -_-" rocket meh ?

Went home and asked my father," Pa, are those rockets up there ?"

Father," No, those are air planes flying at high attitude, tak kan everyday
Malaysia has so many rockets flying around right ? "

Me," Affirmative ! "

Father,"Roger and out ! "

Papa and Mama, thank you so much for teaching me so much of stuff
since I was a kid, and made me understand a lot of thing.

I lap piu !! I lap both of piu very much !!

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