Friday, January 12, 2007

Deep Impact

Today I was chatting with a colleague and asked her
" Wow ! Your phone's ring tone very nice, what song
is that ?"

She:" Oh this one is Eason's song ! "

Me:" I like it ! Can you infrared to me please ?"

She -_-" for a few seconds and she replied

:" Err.. actually nowadays hor we all use bluetooth
already. Basically only very old model uses infra red ! "

Me:" Whops my mobile phone has infrared only ! "

She:" Sorry ah ! "

I was like kena hentam by a 3 tonne lorry on my
face !!

Deep impact on my self esteem !!! lol !!


Jason said...

u want to change phone? i can help u find cheap one... i got a 2nd hp to sell too.

Philips at work. said...

lol !

Thanks but no thanks.

It is still working fine despite have no blue tooth and limited internal memory like 8mb or 10mb only.

Aiyah, you know lah, old man no need so many feature already yeah !