Thursday, January 25, 2007

Could Jackie Chan speak Bahasa Indonesia?

A few days ago I was in Johor Bharu and in the hotel I was watching
the TV and switching channels.

Dang ! Local TV are so boring and no contents !!

Suddenly I saw Jackie Chan and the late Anita Mui.

Anita Mui :" Cis ! Engkau memang tidak berguna !"

Jackie:" Tidak, bukan !"

Anita Mui:"Engkau hanya mementingkan untung !"

Jackie:" Bukan, tidak ! "

Anita Mui:" Pergi engkau dari sini .... "

All in Bahasa Indonesia -_-"

I was like -_-" wtf ????

Oh ! Rupa-rupanya telah aku terpasang dan tertengok
TV Indonesia Raya !!

lolrtof !!

Terkejut kito jumpo Jackie kecek bahaso Indon !!

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