Friday, January 12, 2007

The Bad Guy !

Ladies and gentlemen, could you please kindly guess that why
am I labeling the lorry in the photos as bad guys ?

Firstly, he made a U turn at the place where it is clearly written that
U turn is allowed for light and small vehicles only.

Could you please advise me that which part of this lorry which looks
light or small ? No way !

This guy is still not too bad cause at least he still gave signals and
turn from the most right lane.

2 days ago I almost went down and kick a butt of a lorry driver
who made a similar U turn but at a place where :

  • No U Turn allowed.
  • From 2nd or left lane and made a U turn blocking all the
    lanes so that he could get more space for the turning.

    I gave him a big horn and Philips(tm) look, but he looked more
    garang then I was.

    I told him to wait till I have my Sony S85 or V3 with me !

    And he is going to be famous ! I assured him that !
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