Friday, January 19, 2007

Roti Canai No Leh !!

This morning arrived early at the office and manage to have
some time at the Indian Restaurant as usual.

Ordered No Leh Roti Kosong with a little bit of sugar. No
curry and no dal nothing, only some sugar.

Tried that before ? Should really try it, roti kosong taste damn
good with fine sugar, really !

It is damn filling compared to other breakfast, and it cost only
Rm1.40 and would last until at least 1pm !! Betul mia !

Come back to office and had a cup of plain water, now full like
going to explode like that -_-"

Actually living in Malaysia is a wonderful thing, you could try
all sort of food beginning from RM 2.00 per meal.

The more you travel abroad, the more you would appreciate
the Malaysian food variety.

And also, I am proud to put on record here that 2 days ago I
was having Nasi Lemak as breakfast, Chinese Mixed Rice as
lunch and Indian Banana Leaf as dinner.

So damn syiok and total was RM 1.60 + RM3.50 + RM 3.80,
so cheap ! so nice ! and looked looked at my stomach
OMG so big already !!! can give birth already !!!

Tell me where else in this word with RM 8.90 you could enjoy
Malay Food + Chinese Food + Indian Food in one day time ?

I don't think so mate ! I don't think so !!

Only Malaysia and I love Malaysia so much that I hope that
the peoples in power have better buck up and reshape
themself before we ship them out yeah ?

Anyway, today the Hokkien class we will learn.

Leh = Unit

Ji Leh = One unit.
No Leh = Two unit.
Sah Leh = Three unit.
Si Leh = Four unit.
Goh Leh = Five unit.
Lak Leh = Six unit.
Chit Leh = Seven unit.
Bek Leh = Eight unit.
Kao Leh = Nine unit.
Chap Leh = Ten unit.
Mat Sa Leh = Kwai Low.

Pak = Hundred.
Cheng = Thousand.
Ban = Tenth thousand.
Wa = me.
Lu= you.
Ye = him/her.
Wu = have / got.
Kalu = if.

So Roti kosong No Leh = 2 unit of roti kosong.

Kalu wa wu Ji Pak Ban = If I have 1,000,000 !!

Kam Siah !! Thank you salam mesra !!

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