Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A bunch of flies !!

A few days ago I went to a customer who has a lot of
complain against my company's service, stocks, sales
person etc.

I went there and spoken to her nicely and found out
that, eh ? It wasn't that bad what ?

I came back to office and said," Who said she is that
bad one ? "

My driver," I didn't say she was bad, I said her mouth
po pek po pek non stop, noisy, mulut laser only."

Me -_-" har ?

My driver added," Like a bunch of flies surrounding your
ears and head flying non stop, wuu wuu wuuu wwuuuuuw like
that you know what I mean ? "

Me laughed until tears also came out non stop !

Noisy Customer ! I am loving it !

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