Monday, January 15, 2007

Do you have RM560,000 ??

Yesterday was at Damansara area near Atria Mall there and
went scouting for some house.

Saw a double story link house for sale and made an enquriy.

The lady name Ruth answered the call :" Yes ? "

Me:" I saw your contact bla bla bla, this link house, how
much would that be ? "

Ruth:" Oh the one, RM560,000 only ! New roof new pipes!"

Me:" Wow ! RM560,000 ah ? "

Ruth sensed some hesitation from myside and went on
saying:" Well, I have another better one RM 600,000, I
think you would like it even more ! "

Me:" Wah ! Very nice very nice ! "

Ruth:" Indeed very nice! So when you want to see ?"

Me:" Very nice very nice !! "

Ruth:" Excuse me? When would you like to see the
actual hose ? "

Me:" Very nice very nice !! "

Ruth:" Chee Kao Lan Chat Sin ! " Hanged up ...

Me:" Nombor yang anda dail, telah ditamatkan
perkhidmatannya! "

Wah lau eh ! I had a 2 minutes brain jam there
when I heard the double storey link house need
RM560,000 to RM 600,000 !!!

wtfknnbbq ! RM600,000 in Kelantan you can build
10 bunglo liao !

Very nice very nice !!

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