Monday, January 29, 2007

This Son of a bitch. Pun Intended.

This son of a bitch, pun intended bite my F-117 washing sponge
into million pieces yesterday.

Literally million pieces lolrtof !!

I think I am going to produce some really smelly fart at his face
( Prince) and let him suffocate to death. lolrtof !!

But seriously, this Golden Retriever called Prince or Putera has an
habit of biting everything that it sees.

Cloths, pants, plastic bags, bugs, slippers, shoes, sandals, sponge,
even it's own poo sometimes -_-".

I read from the internet that most of the dogs when they are
still at their young age loves to bite, perhaps to train their
muscle and tooth structure.

My aunt's 2 Sun Tze dare not bite cause they were well
trained by by aunt & her maid.

It's about sufficient of training and shaping that the
owner is giving.

No wonder there were 2 dogs near my house area where the
owner tied sandals at their neck so that they could bite
the sandals whenever they want and wherever they wanted
to bite.


Dog bites ! Remember that !


escaped satellite said...

I'm an animal lover, and Golden retrievers are usually typically Very Good Dogs, but I don't know if it's the photo or what, but this one seems to have an evil glint in his eye.

Philips at work. said...

Buah ha ha ha ha !!

I totally agree with you !!

I totally do !!