Thursday, January 25, 2007

Visit Holland Year 2007

My sales person had an appointment at Bukit Tinggi area at Klang
this afternoon and he asked me to follow him there. He drove his
car and I drove mine.

Kesas toll ( Awan Besar, Sunway and Padang Jawa ) x 2.20 and
the toll to customer place ( Bukit Tinggi , near Tesco ) is RM 6.60
for one way trip.

-_-" my tooth pain like hell ! Rm 6.60 wtfknnbbq !!!

After the meeting with customer I decided to use Federal Highway
to come back to KL.

Klang toll Rm 1.00
Subang Batu Tiga toll Rm 1.10
Total RM 2.10 only !!!

And my sales person brought me to make a damn big round and
cost me Rm 6.60 instead of Rm 2.10 !!!

Rm4.50 down the drain !!!

That's what we called people bring you to Holland !!!

But didn't die lah yeah ! Just paid Rm4.50 extra only.

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