Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The One About Who Is George Soros -_-"

Today the KLSE market plunged as much as 66 points over and
the market seems very bad.

And my conversation with my friend began about the KLSE composite

Johntim, " Market very bad hor ! "

Me, " Yeah lah ! A lot of people in deep shit this round !! "

Somehow the conversation touched about George Soros, and I said
to make the smart investment at the correct time / smart time will
have return, just like George Soros.

My friend, " Soros Si ? "

Me, " Yeah lah ! Soros Si ! "

My friend, " Forfa bor ? "

Me, " Soros Si a/l Lautan Sulawesi ! Near Sabah, Sarawak ! "

My friend 2 legs in the sky lolrtof !!!

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