Sunday, January 06, 2008

The One About USB storage killing WORM

Was in the optical storage media industry about 6 years before
going to current job.

One of the task last time was to identify the challenge that we
might be facing soon and I told them one of the possible killer
for CDR, CDRW , DVDR and DVDRW could be USB solid state
storage like pen drive, thumb drive and whatever we call them.

They pointed at my nose and said, " No lah ! No way this could
happen ! "

But today when I looked at my DVD writter and even DVD
ROM drive I realized that it is happening and it is happening
steadily without us knowing that.

My DVD rom drive hasn't been opened for like 5 or 6 months,
and I also can't remember when was the last time I burn a
DVD-R , but on and off CD-R still have yeah.

It seems like today my 4GB and 2GB usb drive have been
really useful , big files thrown to 4GB one and smaller 2GB
one. some excel and word files ? use the 1GB one yeah!

The piles of CD-R and DVD-R are left at the corner and
becoming nest of spiders, and playing ground for ants and
small insects.

Viva USB solid drive !!

WORM = Write once Read Many (time) storage like CD-R
and DVD-/+R

CD-RW and DVD-RW/+RW could be written and erased
multiple time, but could you remember how many time
that you have actually erased and RW media ?

USB solid drive is the man !

* slowly run away....

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