Friday, January 11, 2008

The One About 1 Digital camera per person.

DC = Digital Camera

The price of Digital camera has dropped to as cheap as RM 300
plus plus. Amazing yeah ! Even primary students have DC in
their hands nowaday wherever they go -_-"

Same applies for adult, each family has a few DC and sometimes
in some family dinner or party, the scenario would be 3 person
sitting at the table while 20 person holding 20 DC at the other
side and started taking their photos.

Flash flash flash flash flash flash and flash !!!!!!!

The 3 person became temporary blinded by the flash, and their
smile frozen and face cramped cause had to smile or pretended
to smile for a long long time -_-"

Result ?

Extremely bad !

Cause when taking photos, it is not a good thing to have too many
DC around as the object or subject might not know which DC to
look at / into and resulting most of the time, the photo came out
that a group photos, 5 pairs of eyes are watching different angle
cause there were more then 5 DC taking their photos.

And I don't like that at all !!!!!

1 comment:

Jasonmumbles said...

Thats why you should buy a 400D with a super big ass powerful canggih lens, so that when you take all, all other 20 digital camera will have to be put aside and everyone will be looking at your camera.

Thats because 400D is not just a digital camera, its a digital single lens reflex camera (dSLR).

Go buy 400D!

And get a flash, your full power blast flash can beat 40 digital camera's puny flash also.