Saturday, January 12, 2008

The One About The Result of Without ISO Certification

Now in manufacturing or OEMing or any production related
industry, we realize that it is important to have an ISO standard
or at least some SOP and stuff like that.

What happens if there are 4 person with different ages, sexes,
background, experience started manufacturing with the command
of " Fire At Will ? "

The photo below is self explainary and the 汤圆 made by these
friends of mine came in different sizes. Some size like mercury
planet, somes like Pluto, some like Mars, some Neptune, some as
small as comet and some as big as the Sun !!!

Now ! Kenapa boleh jadi begini ?

Back ground narrator, " Cause there wasn't an ISO : 9084018 !!! "

that's why !!

By the way if anyone could crack that, you are the worm in my
stomach and I would personally cook 汤圆 for you next year !


Jasonmumbles said...

What ISO 9084018?! ISO 3200 with noise reduction enabled! :P Only available on Canon EOs 40D and ISO 1600 on 400D! :P

Philips at work. said...

Hoi ! Hoi ! Hoi !

Need everyday poison me 200 times meh -_-"

Go poison fat lady fast fast lol !!

WeiHang said...

or... maybe with Nikon D300, ISO 6400 with noise reduction enabled! :P

Philips at work. said...

Hi Jason, please meet Wei Hang my friend from Tar college 10 years ago.
He is spokeperson for Nikon.

Hi Wei Hang, please meet Jasonmumbles from Melaka, my makan kaki and he is spokeperson for Canon.

And wei Hang, Hoi !!!

Both of you go and play at some mountain far far away ok ? Don't poison me everyday, i am going nuts liao. I am spoke person for , hmm, my Sony V3.

* lari !!!!!

Jasonmumbles said...

Your Sony V3 doesn't want you anymore. :P

weihang said...

Well, so sorry that, i'm not the spokeperson for Nikon! Bcos I'm using my Canon 40D happily... and our old friend, ah pek also going to join the Canon 40D's group!!

emm... go away pls.... ur ??? Sony V3 ???.... :P

Philips at work. said...


Why ! Why !!

Kenapa boleh jadi begini ??

Look at sky and asked Why Why again.......

Why ?

Jasonmumbles said...


Canon EOS 40D rawks!

Now hor, even if you did buy Canon EOS 400D, WeiHang and your friend Ah Pek might still 酸 you for using 400D! LOL.

Faster join the dark side! Faster! :D

Jasonmumbles said...

And yes, your Sony V3, please stand aside.

weihang said...

FYI, ah pek already joined the Canon 40D's group!! He brought it yesterday.

so sorry to your ?what? Sony V3? haha... yupe, Sony stand aside!

Poison spreading...

Philips at work. said...

KNN !!

First of all, why you all are so damn rich one har ? You all night time go Rob 7-11 izzit ?

Secondly, I already installed Firewall and Antivirus and shitz like that and mostly, mostly I would not be INFECTED by whatever poison that you guys trying to inject.

Both of you hor, 手指咬出不咬进的,
同流合污, 猪朋狗友,难兄难弟,不男不女,天上人间,天外飞仙,几件蛋散,我讨厌你们。 逃之夭夭。

Philips at work. said...

And also pointing at Ah Pek mia nose and shout, " Hoi !!! "

Jasonmumbles said...


weihang said...

No MONEY?? dun worry...

I got one good idea. U can pay by c.card, and transfer into 12 or 24 months 0% interest repayment!! then no need to go rob 7-11 lor!

FYI, ah Seah (our old fren also) now using Olympus E-1, and i think he is going to get an E-3 very soon!!

again... pointing at him and shout!!! "HOI HOI HOI!!!"

1st priority in LIFE -- Satisfy our NEEDS!!

weihang said...

ok, welcome to my blog.
C&C are welcome!

Philips at work. said...

Priority of life ?

1. Pay Home Loan
2. Kena rompak by Fat Lady
7. Kena rompak by Fat Lady again.
8. Kena rompak by FL yet again.
112. Buy Canon 400D
113. Buy Canon 40D
114. Buy E-1
115. Buy E-5

Wait wait, coming coming !! lol !

Philips at work. said...

And you all, please add me in MSN !!

qbasic772 *at* hotmail dot com

Damn ! Kenapa boleh jadi begini ?

After 10 years hilang we all suddenly meet back because of ?? because of the blardy dSLR !! blardy dSLR !!!

Shake head slowly.

Jasonmumbles said...

See see! dSLR unites old friend! What are you waiting for? You don't want to be left out right?