Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The One About Such A Good Idea

When I was in secondary school we were in a mandarin spoken mandarin
and we were trying really hard to catch up in English subject.

Our English teacher Theresa always pointed at my nose and shouted
" Kai Hong ! The only way you all could improve your English is by
speaking English ! "

Me, " Oh ok ! "

Theresa, " When people talk to you, if you don't understand you
should say I beg your pardon, not har ?? "

Me, " Har ?? "

Theresa went 2 legs in the sky......

By the way, we were always trying to use the phrases that we learned
in the class during that time, and sometimes we over used them.

There was a time when, " Such A Good Idea " was being widely mis used.

The whole school was .....

A:" Yo ! Lunch time, let's go for lunch ! "
B:" Such A Good Idea "

A:" We go to the beach by bicycle tomorrow yeah ?? "
B:" Such A Good Idea "

A:" We go to school tomorrow at 7:00 am ok ?? "
B:" Such A Good Idea "

A:" Kai Hong, can you please pass me your history book? "
B:" Such A Good Idea "

A:" Eh ! Why you eat my lunch, you want to die izzit ? "
B: " Such A Good Idea "

A:" Eik ! Why you kiss me ? You want me to kill you izzit ? "
B: " Such A Good Idea " ( This seldom happen, normally after
kiss, the killing process starts immediately without delay or question
asked. )

Teacher:" Eh ! Kai Hong, don't speak in the class, else I will send
you to see the head master ! "
Me: " Such A Good Idea "

Head master room:" Kai Hong ! Why you so talkative in class ? You
want me to call your parents izzit ? "
Me: " Such A Good Idea and oppssss "

There you go, once we were too hard working memorizing all these
phrases, sometimes it would did back fire !!!

Such A Good Idea yeah ??

* running away.

This one is for all the teachers who has taught us before !!

Thanks to you all !! We always love you all !

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