Friday, January 11, 2008

The One About 34 Karats Diamond ! -_-"

Today was with Fat Lady at Berjaya Time Square to do some
shopping and to spend some monies away.

Stopped at an famous Diamond shop and the shop lady came
and greeted us, and she pointed pointed at some Diamonds
and said, " 三 十 四 卡 拉 的 Diamond " in Cantonese, and the
pronunciation was " Sah Ah Sei Karat geh Diamond ! "

Fat Lady and me eyes big big looking at each other.

This sales lady thought that we were some Rich Middle East
oil company CEO or Boss ah ??

I asked her again, " I beg your pardon ? 34 karats ah ? "

Fat Lady eyes still big big with white foams at her mouth.

The sales lady, " Yes, Sah Ah Frikat come one ! You know ?"

Me and Fat Lady, " Oh ! South Africa, right ? "

Sales lady, " Yes Sah Ah Frikat , Sah Ah Frikat !!! "

Me , " Thank you, thank you, but no thanks yeah !"

Me and Fat Lady ran away fast fast ......

You know how much is an 1 karat cost, let alone 34 karat ?

I mean Sah Ah Frikat, errr, Sah Ah Sei Karat, arrrgggghhhh !!!

Sah Ah Sei Karat !! -_-"

Boy i am confused now !.


PengSiong said...

Hahahahaha, this one really funny!!!!

Philips at work. said...

oh ! Thank you thank you !!