Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The One About Many Many Certificates.

In our daily lives there are all sorts of certificate, qualification,
examination, piano knowledge etc, some Diploma cert, MBA
certs and stuff like that.

Hence, today one of my sales team member called and asked
me, " Hello Mr Wong !! "

Me, " Yes , how may I help you ? "

Staff, " Today I did very wall in the task that you wanted me
to do leh ! "

Me, " Izzit ? How about the previous few weeks when you do
not did well in the task ? "

Staff, " Never mind lah, today did well ok already mar, right ? "

Me -_-"

Staff, " So, what would you reward me zheek ? What is my reward
zhek ? "

Me -__-"

Staff, " How leh ! How leh ?? What is my rewards lehhhhhhh ? "

Me, " Ok can, you come back to office tomorrow, I might have
something really nice for you. "

Staff, " Waho !! Waho !! So good ah you ? What are those ? "

Me, " Wait , let me see yeah, hmmm, ohhhh !! We have some
cert and letter for you if you want ! We have hmm, show cause
letter, we have warning letter, we also have "you are fired" letter
and some VSS ( volunteer separation scheme ) and demotion
letter. Hmmmm... let me see, which one that you prefer ? "

Staff, " eerrrr.... "

Me, " Tell me which one that you want ? I can put your name
there first using laser printer first, you just thumb print and
sign, then i can frame it up for you nicely liao !! Come come !! "

Staff, " eerrr.... eh I sikap, need to go toilet bye ! " hang up...

Me, " wei wei ?? hello hello ?? ... so fast lari meh ? "

So what do you want ? Diploma ? Degree ? MBA ??

Semua pon ada !! Semua ada !!!!

* lari !

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