Friday, January 11, 2008

The One About 29 cents.

Did you know nowadays it is as cheap as Rm 0.29 is all you
needed to develop or should I say print your digital photos?

Minimum quantity is 100 pieces and this price is all over
Berjaya Time Square, it used to be Rm 0.60 or RM 0.70
a few months back in PJ area.

Now, Rm 0.29 !!!!

So, what are you waiting for ? Go and print those 20 GB
of your photos in your hard disk lah wei !

Those uncles and ah pek they all kept on complaining that
since we ( the youngster ) started using Digial Camera, they
didn't get to see any photos after every event already.

Cause all the photos were in the computer and we really took
that for granted.

Go ! Print some photos of your family, relatives, grandma and
show them the good time you all had to gather.

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