Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The One About Hand Phone On Strike !!

My Sony Ericsson went on strike since 4 days ago and
it is now being sent to nearest medical center for
medical attention.

Nowadays, the mobile phones are not as well built as
they used to be.

Once there was a lorry which lost it's brakes and
kept on reversing on a slippery slop area.

The driver was chasing from behind and shouted:
" help help ! The lorry has no brake ! "

I walked near the lorry and took out my mobile
phone and put the phone gently near the lorry's
wheel, and the lorry stopped immediately !!!

That was in 1988 of course !! Where the mobile
phone was as huge as a mountain.

And when I said I took out my mobile phone, I
took IT out from my lorry as well.

You know, to carry a mobile phone with a size
of mountain, you would need a lorry to do that.

Anyway, the point is that, the mobile phones
nowadays are damn lousy !!

Just a free fall on the floor and it goes on
strike and refuse to work already !!

Last time ( during my era ) when we drop our
mobile phone on the floor, the floor gets broken
and we had to get the construction guy to
patch the floor and fix the road.

And when we drop our mobile phone on the floor
in Kuala Lumpur, our neigbour from Singapore
could feel the tremors at 4.5 degree at least!

Yet the phone works fine after we blow the dust
away .... eh ??

That is what I call the Good Old Days !!

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