Sunday, January 06, 2008

The One About Mac Lap Top

Hence I opened the new lap top and boot it up! This McBook
is so new and caused me not too much of money tough.

With me was my old friend Siong Ping from TAR college and
my ex house mate, this guy studied business computering and
was one of the earliest guy of us to have purchased a PC.
He had an IBM branded PC of Pentium 166 Mhz ( rm5,000 )
plus that time.

Waho ! After 20 years, finally I am getting my hands on an Mac!
I remember in the 80s my aunt in Kuala Krai they all had a Mac
computer in office and it was like RM 12,000 something yeah!

Anyway, fast forward to current !!
Really fast boot up compared to Windows XP and Vista, in seconds
only and the OS was loaded and ready to be used.

And i was setting up the wireless thing, eh ? How come the icon of
the wireless thing was exactly like Windows XP mia har ?
And the Microsoft Word inside ? Excel ? Menu everything and
even the OS also 100% the same.

I looked at my friend Siong Ping and he shrugged.

Me looked at the manual and cursing wtf , but in the heart that I
felt good cause the operation and everything was the same with

And I woke up suddenly, whew !!

Walked to my PC and kissed kissed my LCD and said hello to
my CPU with Windows OS inside.

Just a dream, not a wet one!

But in sounded so real and everything cause whenever i encounter
a new PC or Lap Top, the first thing is to enable the Wifi or Airport
things, and that was what I did in the dream -_-"

Sorry har, i think i am still with Microsoft at the moment !

* run away


Jasonmumbles said...

Uncle, now Mac also can do dual boot / run Windows, okay? So, your dream is possible and could be true. You could be sleep walking. HOR!

Philips at work. said...

Hoi !

That was a dream lah !

Mana ada Mac OS got Wifi Signal like Windows XP mia ?? Harr ? Har ?