Monday, January 07, 2008

The One About Eagle and Chick.

Was at Pudu plaza yesterday while awaiting for Fat Lady.

Walked into the supermarket at the ground floor of the place
and saw a bunch of people surrounding a staff working there.

I told myself, this must be staff who is in charge of Cooking Oil
section and walked nearer.

I was correct !!!

The poor staff was opening a carton box of cooking oil and before
he could put the oil on the rack, the bottles of cooking oil
were grabbed from the boxes from him by the crowds.

Some old grandma grabbed 2 big bottles and ran to counter with
a big smile old her face -_-"

An middle age age uncle procured the cooking oils by putting multiple
bottles of it into another bigger box, hence "sapu"ed all the remaining

Some aunties who came later found that all the oil were gone has
gone into amok and search for high and low, and found that there are
2 more boxes of unopened one and quickly destroyed the box and
got the bottles of oil from the inside.

This is better then watching National Geographic !! More bloodier ,
more action, more close up and you could feel the urge to kill
especially when those aunties found that the oils are almost finished.

The staff -_-" and sighed !!!

Me crossed my arms and looked from 5 steps behind, and I smiled.

This reminded me of some eagles attacking some small little helpless
chicks. Only that these eagles are middle aged aunties and some

What do you all need so much of cooking oil for ? ?

Drinking ah ? Aiseh !

* jogging away....

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