Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The One About Have You Ever Seen The Snow ?

Fat Lady sent me an SMS from China just now and
told me that :" OMG ! It's snowing ! oh snowing !!
SNOWING !!! All white white one very beaufiful "

And, " Wow ! Now talking got smoke come out one !!
Got smoke come out one !! lolrtof !!!! "

Me -_-"

She, " But freeze like hell here leh ! "

lolol !!

Hence told her, " Why don't you try to pee on
the snow and see if it will become Ice Cream or not ?
See pee got smoke or not ? "

She replied with " &&!^^$^&#^^!%%%%%&#*&*((*&^^#$ "

lolrotf !!

I have not seen snow before, but I could imagine
that a little bit, by putting my head into my
house fridge.

Have you ever seen the snow ?

I know I would, next year, Kon Ming !!

That is my plan and my Mission.

Lock and load ! And would fire at will and we
shall see how does Pee Ice Cream look like.

If there is no one around, I might even try
to do cirit birit ice cream on ice ?? "

Now that's cool !!

* jogging away slowly.....

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