Friday, January 18, 2008

The One About My Ferrari

This morning in office they were talking about the taxi services
in Kuala Lumpur, about the experience and satisfaction level and

Miss A, " Kai Hong, your girl friend drive to work or not ? "

Me, " Nope, she normally takes LRT or taxi to work. "

Miss A, " Eh !?? Why she doesn't drive to work eh ? "

Me, " Oh, you know, the new Ferrari I bought for her, she
is still not used to the speed and horsepower and the car
is a bit too fast for her, hence, you know... take taxi first. "

Me, " And I normally use the Aston Martin to come to office
and my Porsche is having it's normal yearly service, hence
she has no car, very poor eh ?? "

All of office staff -_-" and a lot of legs in the sky !!!!

* I went jogging this morning !!

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