Monday, February 12, 2007


Today in the office.

First one of my sales person went to Genting last night and
watched this face changing art show from China. She was so
excited and came back and showed us what she has recorded
via hand phone -_-"

My other sales person watched the whole 10 minutes short
clip happily !! Noisy and a lot of sound mia video clips ok ?

I almost stood up and " Oi ! No government ah ? " but I didn't.

I also didn't shout:" Oi ! Boh Cheng Hu ah 没 政 府 ah? ? "
did i ?

Just now the whole office became noisy again cause the our
annual dinner arrangement has this lucky draw, menu & dish
discussion and everything.

I almost stood up and " Oi ! No need to work ah ? "but I didn't.

It's 12 pm right now and the whole office is deserted cause
everyone has gone for lunch.

I almost stood up and " Oi ! No need to work ah ? " but I didn't
because I went for lunch just now at 11:30 am buah ha ha ha ha!!

I didn't oi at everyone cause it is Chinese New Year mood and
everyone is excited and happy about it.

I didn't oi at my staff because Chinese New Year is really important
for Chinese company like this one.

I didn't oi at my staff because I appreciate them very much, and
what the hell, one rampage a year and one crazy week a year would
not hurt the business, right ?

Me:" Oi oi oi !! Where is my Ang Pao ?? where is my
Ang pao

Oh did you know that in some other places ( then malaysia ) the
red packet that you get during Chinese New Year is not called
Ang Pao ( 红 包 ) ? It is called Lai Shi ( 利 事 ) instead.

So where the heck is my Ang Paoliggem and Lai Shilinggem ??

Where ? Where where ???

Happy Chinese New Year 2007 and may you all have a good
and prosperous year ahead.

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