Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Roses Roses Roses

Today it is Guy Kena Torture Like Hell day, and I would
like to wish everyone Happy Guy Kena Torture Like Hell
day and may you all kena torture like hell !!

Yesterday Doc : " MCH ! Blue rose RM 80 each!"
" Red rose RM 20 each ! That is only flower without
the accessories yet !! "

Me lolrotf ! " Get Tau Fu Far instead ! RM 1.50 per
bowl, with extra Gula Melaka ! "

Doc -_-"


This morning over radio, a radio listener complained
over national radio like this

" Haih ! I know my husband for 18 years, he never
bought me anything ! "

DJ:" Really ? Maybe he will change leh ? "

Caller:" Neah ! He will not never change one!"

DJ lolrotf !!!

Don't lah complain about your husband or boyfriend over the
national radio ok or not ? LOLOL


Another radio DJ:" If must buy something for the girlfriend
or wife, you could learn from me."

DJ:" I bought washing machine and LCD TV for my wife
this year ! All also I can use one ! Muah ha ha ha ha !!"

The other DJ strangled himself with the mike lolol !!!


Anyway, Happy valentine to you all and guys, I pity you
all kena torture like hell muah ha ha ha ah ah!!!

I am already bullet proof !!

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