Monday, February 12, 2007

Fly me to the moon!

Yesterday I was walking along Jalan Alor after having brunch
with Fat Lady and her brothers. We were walking towards the
car park beside at the end of the road ( downhill ).

There was this couple holding hands walking towards me, and
they were walking side by side, like very 恩 爱 like that -_-".

I was walking alone as Fat lady and the rest were at the back.

2 meter away from me and the couple are still walking side by
side towards me, what the hell ?? they were expecting me to
give way to 2 person so they could continue to hold hands and
walk straight ? Am I invisible ? Or I am that thin that they
couldn't notice me ? ( gee that would be good ! )

I became damn dulan, I inhaled a lot of air in my chest and the
chest expanded from 42 inches to 82 inches ( ladies, don't get
jealous ok ? ) and I stood there like a rock !!!

Want me to give way? Can !! But this is just not the way !!!

Seeing these, the couple became damn worried and their went
apart, one at the front and one at the back, and avoided me

I said," Smart choice !! " and they ran away really fast....

What would happen if I stood there and they continue to walk
and hit me ?

Probably they would fly to the moon if I push them gently.

Perhaps they would fly to the next Galaxy if I push hard!!

If I don't push, perhaps they would land at Sekinchan or Sabak
Bernam kot ?

Of course I would not push them or purposely hit them on the
shoulder, my 10% British blood just wouldn't allow me to do
that. -_-"

So next time if you see me standing infront of you with my chest
expanded and pushed to 82 inch until the 乳 沟 also come out...

You'd better run or you could walk past me nicely , if you choose to
confront me, 20 seconds later you would be either landing in the
moon ( oxygen mask required ), Sabak Bernam or Sekinchan, and
sometimes Jawa Teluk Intan ok ?

Stupid couple !!

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