Sunday, February 11, 2007

Lucky Mat Rempit !!

Friday night when I was coming back late from Ampang
towards Damansara I was cruising on Jalan Tun Razak.

It was around 12:20 am and fat lady was the co-pilot and
she was busy checking surrounding air traffic.

F-117 ( Soon to be renamed to Delinda Deline, lovely eh? )
was crusing at around 80kmph because Jalan Tun Razak
was still rather busy then.

A warm Friday night and weekend in KL, what would you
expect to see ?

As usual, Mat Rempit just loves to roam and foam on Friday
night. ( Now where are our police officers? ) and when I
passed the PWTC there was a group of Mat Rempit started
to accelerate and began their stunts in groups.

Typical and standard would be drive fast, zip zap between
cars, and bend their body to reduce air resistance so that
their torso and head would be like on the motorbike seat
and headlamps area.

And in my F-117 radar showed that there were about 6 of
them, I told co pilot, " Look, bogey 12, 2, 9 and 7 o clock !"

Copilot:" Sgt, it is 12:15 am midnight now sir! why are you
saying 12 o clock, 2 o clock, 9 o clock leh ? "

Me bite my fingers !!!! And almost press the co pilot eject
button and let co pilot eject to Kuala Selangor !!! Cis!!

Copilot:" Let me see your watch, something wrong meh?"

Copilot:" Told you don't buy Jalan Petaling Rolex liao lok!
now all time wrong liao !! "

Oh I was so depressed !!! What to do ? what do to?

Me -_-" and beh tahan liao and shouted :
" Look out there, bogeys everywhere !"

Copilot 如 梦 初 醒 and :" Oh ! I see them I see them!! Could
I arm the weapon and shot them down?"

Copilot activated the AAM and 20mm canon gun.

HUD had the 6 of the targets and target locked, " Beep"

20mm would spray 4 down, the rest 2 via AAM.

Copilot:" We've got tone! We've got tone !!"

The mat rempits went further like 20 meters infront of
F-117 and that would be perfect spot for target.

Copilot:" We've got tone ! Target locked in sight!"

Me:" Forget it! Not worth it ! Disengage ! Disengage!"

Me:" Let others teach them a lesson, we don't fire
unless we were fire upon, remember?"

Me:" We practice evasive maneuvering and defensive
maneuvering, remember?"

I didn't know that my decision has actually saved that
guy's life somehow.

Copilot:" Affirmative ! Target abort ! Abort ! "

And suddenly one of the Mat Rempit which was leading
the formation had a big vibration and his back tyre went
shaking left and right, like you know after people pee wee
they shake the kkc left and right, left and right like that.

F-117 HUD displayed the speed of mat rempit was fast
reducing from 90-100kmph to 80, 60, 40 ....

And the tail lights of the troubled mat rempit went off
and I believe that his engine went busted !!

And his bike was at the fast lane where everyone was
traveling around 90kmph, luckily F-117 was 20 meter
behind him and not some Ah Beng Waja Modified to
Evo Lansir Lancer.

If F-117 wasn't there to block some traffic.

If F-117 wasn't keep at least 20 meter distance.

If my experiance didn't tell me that a tiny 100cc
engine would bust and peciah like there is no

Perhaps me or the Lancer behind would crash on
him and send him to Kuala Selangor.

Then, someone in Sabak Bernam

" Mom ! Look ! ET ! ET !! Bike flying over moon!"

Mom:" Shaddap !"

The Mat Rempit was really lucky that his bike didnt'
tumble and roll because engine burst and jam could
cause people to loose control, in high speed case
the bike would langar tiang.

Co pilot:" Wah! Sgt you've got vision man !"

Me:" Cheh ! small case ! "

Co pilot:" You very geng leh ! "

Me:" Move your hands away from my legs!"

lolrtof !

Don't rempit no more you all, go learn computer,
start a blog, help your parents , teach your
younger brothers and sister in their homework.

Appreciate life my friends !!

Appreciate what you have ok ?

Happy Weekend !

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