Monday, February 26, 2007

Kayu Ara War 2007

To all my Hokkien friends and relatives, happy 拜 天 公 ing !!

To my surrounding Hokkien neighbours, same to you too :)

and thanks for making me felt like at War Zone for the past
few hours.

All of you had done your air strike, ground strike, marine strike,
Navy strike and all possible strike with your heavy ammo from

You all had Team Alfa, Bravo, Charlie at north, east and west
of Kayu Ara area and you all have done a very good job creating
Dolby(tm) Digital Surround Sound with HD Visual -_-"

Hundreds of ringgit if not thousands has been spent by you all
and I am sure that your objectives of thanking and praying to
Gods has been achieved.

Collateral bonus, the Indonesian workers around Kayu Ara had
the most wonderful firework displays brought to them live
infront of their doors !!! No need to go all the way to Lake
Titiwangsa !!

Me ? It's ok for me cause everything ended at 12:46 am and
i like the smell of burnt sulfur and gun powder ( -_-" )

Again, wishing all Happy 拜 天 公 ing !!!

12:52 am, finally the atmosphere has gone back to
pre war or post war era already.

I sumpah I could hear the neighbour uncle snooring now!

knnbbq ! How could I let him win ? I am going to sleep
and make louder snores that he does !!

Aku misti menang !!

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