Monday, February 12, 2007

How to save RM 5.00

How to save RM 5.00 or US Dollar 1.43238 ??

Very very simple, sleep from 7 pm onwards on Sunday night
till Monday morning and go to work directly, buah ha ha ha !!

Yesterday (Sunday) woke up at 7 am something and went
doing a lot of things outside and finally able to go home and
rest at 6 pm something.

Rest means nap, but a nap sometimes would turn into sleep
and sleep might turn into hibernate.

Hence, I napped hibernated from 7pm plus of
yesterday till this morning -_-" .

I wonder what happened to me, must be the chocolates that I
took which contains sleeping agent eh ?

Anyway, this morning I felt really fresh and energetic and woke
up at 6:30 am. Went poo poo and prepare breakfast and

By the way, Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya, in fact the rest of
Malaysia is really really hot these days eah ??

When I was a kid I remember in the morning when I woke up
there was a feeling called Cold one you know ? But now, knnbbq
every morning also woke up with T shirt which is partially wet,
not because of the wet dream ( old man don't get wet dream no
more ) , because the weather is so damn hot !!

Took bath and everything, and whole forehead full of sweat again?

that's typical morning for me.

I missed the kampung morning which was so cold that after one
take bath his/her lips become pale or purple in colour, the nipple
became hard like rock and the kkc shrunk like peanuts lolrotf !!

But I skipped Dinner last night and saved RM 5 anyway, yahoo !!

Yahoo !!

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