Friday, February 16, 2007

14 Feb 2007

My office sales lady went out for dinner on 14 Feb with the

At Sunway area ( near Public bank, yes near Pondok Police )
they were confronted by a youngster with a knife.

The youngster grabbed my sales girl handbag.

She tried to pulled the handbag back.

The youngster pulled harder.

She suddenly saw his knife and let go.

The youngster lost balance and fall on ground
cause she suddenly let go of the hand bag. Lost balance !!

Seeing this, my sales girl and the husband surrounded
the poor kid and kick and beat the crap out of him.

The poor kid then ran away. Got anything ?
Yes whole face bruise and blue black !!

My sales girl ? Lost anything ?

Yes, lost her high heel don't know to
where when she was busy kicking and
beating the so called robber.

2nd day, my sales girl took Emergency leave.
Reason : whole body too tired and ache here
ache there, because never warm up before
beating and kicking the robber.

She said today," I am going to farking remember
this year mia Valentine forever cause we rawked !! "

Me -_-" like this also can ?? Shocked


affid said...

hahahaahah.... err... hold on... suddenly not sure, am i suppose to laugh at this or to be amazed by the tragedy... or was it a tragedy???
by the way... Happy Chinese New Year to you... n happy holiday... Me no go back hometown.... huuuwaaaaaaa.....

Philips at work. said...

Buah ha ha ha ha!!

When my sales girl complained that she whole body also pain, we thought she was assaulted and got hurt.

mana tahu she was in pain and ache cause beating and kicking the robber too hard -_-"

We laughed until almost shit in the pants. Happy Chinese New year to you.

me going back tonight buah ha ha ha!