Saturday, February 03, 2007

Unisex toilet and baby user.

A few days ago in the office.

Konnie :" Ah Pa Ah Ma !!! Iyerrrrrr !!!! "

Me:" What happened ? "

Konnie:" Mr Nel go into toilet and never lock the door, I
push the door and saw him pee pee , not facing me lah !"

Me -_-" wtf ?

After Nel finished his business he walked out.

Konnie:" Why you go toilet never lock door one ?"

Nel:" I close the door already mah ! Just like my home !"

Konnie:" This is the office ok ? And this area also we have
unisex toilet, please be careful next time ok ?"

Nel:" Ok loh ! Ok loh ! "

Me two legs in the sky !!

Why nowadays there are a lot of babies working in the
office one ??? Why ?? Why ??? Why ????

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