Sunday, February 11, 2007

Memo from Big Boss.

Received a memo from big boss from parents company. I had
a shock of my life when I read the contents of the memo.

Memo to all Company and Groups of company of XYZ

From : Mr. T. The Big Big Boss
Date : 11 Feb 2007

Memo to all staffs.

I Mr. T (ic 112233 44 5566 ) hereby declare that from today onwards
I will spend more time with my family, particular my wife Ms EAS
( ic 665544 33 2211 ).

I will spend less time working, be more caring and polite to my wife,
spend more time with my family and my kids.

I will also spend less time in my office and working. I trust that you are
well advised.

Thank you,
Best regards

Mr. T
Managing Director of Groups of XYZ

I saw the memo and became -_-" and two legs in the sky and
I woke up !!

Damn, I don't know if this is funny dream or nightmare, recently
I had too much of dream related to my working life.

Is that a good sign or bad sign? Anyone?

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