Monday, March 28, 2011

The One About The Smart Guy

Was with Marko my friend yesterday and he was cooking Spaghetti for me and his
girl friend. It was really nice and taste like the Pro.

So i decided to say something nice to thank him.

Me, " Hei Marko, you really can cook nice and tastely Spaghetti ya ? "

Marko, " Thank you,  you got taste , man .. "

Me -_-" I compliment him, he also able to double compliment himself....



Before the lunch we went swimming at 1 pm in an open swimming pool. And Marko
looked like the Lobster after that when having Spaghetti.....

Marko, " You don't get sun burnt meh ? Adoiii !! So painful now ! "

Me, " errr... no, i don't feel anything woh.. " and was so proud !

Marko, " You know maybe your skin very thick, so no feeling, my skin very
thin, so fast alrready painful .... "

Me, " Yeah right !! " and went home happily.

This morning, me, " Oh ! Darn Marko, i also get sun burnt lah !! "

Marko, " Oh great, not only me, you also get ya ? Baru fair like this, and now i
cannot wear my shirt, very painful !!  Have to work naked, and make the gf
very horny !! "

Me lmaozhedong !!!

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