Thursday, March 10, 2011

The One About Non C130 Hercules

The other day was going out for dinner with Ah Cat and Ah Lian. I was driving
Ah Cat's car and left my C-130 Hercules at home.

While waiting for the traffic lights we were chatting and discussing about the
features and functions in the cabin.

Me, " Your steering could be adjusted to a higher position so that you can see
the instrument panel more clearly.. " and adjust adjust the steering height.

Ah Cat, " Oi Oi ! don't disturb my settings !! "

And suddenly the engine stalled and went dead... and the traffic light turned
green ... -_-" geeee... great timing !!!

Ah Cat, " ZOMG KNNBBQ ! This is so embarrassing !!!"

Me, " No worries !" and put on the hazard / emergency signal lights...

Ah Cat , " Oh no !! My reputation !! " covered covered face .....

Me, " This is Damansara, people recognize my C-130 hercules and will not 
know that I am stuck in this Twin Otter with stalled engine, hence i don't have
to cover my face and i will be brave ... restart darn it !! restart !!!! ... "

Engine didn't response like the Twin Otter without battery and fuel like that...

Ah Cat, " Fast fast start engine lah ! OIYOH !! "

Me corrected the steering back to it's original height and turned the ignitions,
VOILA !! The engine started, shift D and hit gasssssss !!!

Ah Cat still covered her face, " Anyone looking at me ?"

Me, " No ! We are long gone already... "

Ah Cat, " hahahahhah... stupid lah you ! "

Me, " Not me, your car !! Where got car which goes stalled when we adjust
the steering wheel height one ? "

Ah Cat, " Where got people go and adjust steering wheel height when driving
one ? "

Me, " Got ! When the steering is blocking the tummy from breathing ! "

Ah Cat, " Now shaddap and bring me to dinner... "

Me, " Affirmative ..... "

Ah Cat, " I am SOOOOO going to tell this to Fat Lady... "

Me, " Tell loh... tell loh... "

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