Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The One About Eh Wopppss !!!

A few days ago, was doing some online things while Ah Cat was
preparing for a flight to Europe. She was packing packing and
wanted to know the weather of destination....

Ah Cat, " Can you please check for me what is the temp of Rome?"

Me, " Rome as of Romania ? "

Ah Cat 2 legs in the sky.... " Rome of Italy lah ! What was your
Geography grade ? Epic Fail ? or Master Super Fail ??  "

Me, " Soli Soli... they all sounded the same and, far far the
way it should be called Roma ( Rom Mahhh )"

A moment later, " Oh got that, it's about 33 degree, ... hence no need to
bring so much of cloths, weather almost like Kuala Lumpur.."

Ah Cat -_______-""
" Wait a second.... should be quite cold now as I remembered, are
you sure ? let me see , let me see.... "

Me, " Nah..... see ? 32 ... 33 degree like that !! I am always right! you
can bring bikini and sexy pants there wahoo !! wahoo !!!"

Ah Cat, " What lah you ! 32- 33 degree Fahrenheit ok ? 
It's like 0 degree celcius lah ! It is darn cold ! somemore ask me
to wear Bikini there ah ?? " slapped my head with the Ipad...

Me, " Aduiii !!! Eh ! Woppsss !! This darn Ipad no good one, 
why shows tempeture in Fahrenheit one ? "

Ah Cat, " Hak elleh ! Don't blame the Ipad !! Stupid user problem ok ? "

Me, " hehehehehe... soli ... soli... "

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