Sunday, March 13, 2011

The One About Oh Pakcik !! Pakcik !!

Was driving the good old Hercules C-130 near Ampang area yesterday and
was cruising smoothly and the temperature was hot and warm. A bit of heavy
traffic and the side wind was mild.

And a moment later there was this Pakcik behind me flashed flashed me with
his high beam -_-"

I looked via mirror, " wow ! Pakcik with whole family in his car... "

Me, " Er... perhaps I cruised too slow.. " increase air speed a bit. Didn't want
to block people with big old fat C-130...

10 second later Pakcik got closer to me and gave me 2 more time of
high beam.

Me -___-" and changed lane from Fast Lane to Middle Lane.

Pakcik also changed lane to Middle Lane and flash flash again
-______-" I was thinking, was this Pakcik going to make me stop,
rob me, punch me at kkc ( very painful ) and take my naked photos
and put in facebook ? I don't know Karate one... cham liao this time!

I almost started to get a little bit annoyed and excited and did the evasive
maneuvering to shake him off.

And I saw my instrument panel " lights on "  Oh !!! OK !!! and I smile :)

Was in basement car park before that and must have forgotten to switch off
the landing lights .... hehehehehe.... and the nice Pakcik was trying to remind
me to turn of the lights cause it was like 12 pm in the noon ..... and Pakcik
was a consistent person too...

Terima Kasih Pakcik ! Semoga Pakcik dan Sekeluarga Sihat Selalu.
Anak , cucu , cicit dan saudara mara semua pun Sihat ya :)

There is a saying in my country, if within 5 minutes, 4 girls grin at you,
don't be so proud and get the wrong idea and think you are hot....

Check your darn zipper.....

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