Sunday, December 19, 2010

The One that you don't KLKK ok ????

A few days ago, a childhood friend sent me a document, saying that it is
Hokkian Dictionary and contains some very useful terms..

Me, " Yew... Hokkian only mar, i have PhD on that lah !! "

Then i opened the file and read thru and fall off my chair -_-"

why ?

In the document, it defines what is K.L.K.K, what  is K.L.K, what
is K.K.C and K.K.Y.L.P  and many more...... -____________-"

What ? You also don't know ah ? lmao ! ok ok ok...

K.L.K.K = Kia Lai Kia Ker ( Walk here walk there ) = lepak..

K.L.K = Kuai Lan Kia ( trouble making child , cocky child )= budak jahat

K.K.C= don't tell me you don't know this one ok ??? -________-"

K.K.Y.L.P = Kio Kar Yo Lam Par -_________________-" ( very free
doing nothing, raise one leg and shaking genital ) lmao !!!

Ok ok, i don't have the PhD in Hokkian, the person who publish
this document HAS !! and I respect this guy !! damn !!!

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