Friday, December 10, 2010

The One about Green Green Grass

Just now saw ALM and had conversation with her.

Me," I say, ALM, you are riding on cows nowadays meh ?"

ALM, " Oi ! What cows ? I am driving a car ok ? "

Me, " Then, is your car a cow meh ??? "

ALM, " No ak, my CAR IS A CAR LAH !! "

Me, " Then does your car eat grass for lunch? "

ALM is a bit beh song liao -_-"

ALM, " No ak, my car uses Ron95 or Ron97 petrol!"

Me, " Is your car a bee ? does it transport pollen ? "

ALM, " knn ! My car is my car lah ! Why you ask so many
question ? " ALM very Beh Song already....

Me, " No lah, i saw your car, i thought it was a cow trying
to eat my plants , or trying to spread pollens or something
like that, i just worried ma.... "

ALM, " Wopppsss !! I park too near to the plants izzit ? "

Me, " Nolah, your car is NOT parked too near to the plants
your car is PARKED IN MY PLANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!."

ALM, " Soli Soli heheheheh !!! "

See ?? see ??  -_-"

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