Friday, December 03, 2010

The One About Raining

The other day Fat Lady mia sister or Kath mentioned that she
is coming to visit us in the evening. But till night she hasn't arrived.
So I called and checked

Me, " Hello, where are you, are you ok ?"

Kath, " Oh ! I am perfectly fine thank you."

Me," I thought you are suppose to come to my house today?"

Kath, " Oh ! Because it's raining now, so I didn't come lor."

Me, " I see I see, you are driving a convertable car izzit ? Or
your car has no top one izzit ? Or your car has no windscreen
and windows one izzit ? "

Kath, " No lah, raining mah.... "

Me, " hmmpffff !!! I thought you are driving a Spyder or
Convertable tim...."

Kath, " heheheheh...."

Me, " Stupiak !!"

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