Thursday, December 16, 2010

The One About Quite Painful -_-"

Just now went to Petrol Station for refuel and eyes wasn't opened properly...

Ter"pumped" in the extremely poweful and expensive
RM2.55 per liter fuel x 40 liter.

Putih putih paid extra RM 26 -_-" knnbbq@brrrommmm power !!!!

Since pumped in already, boh pian, wanted to try the Brrrrommmmm power lohh...

At highway, me pressed pressed the gas pedal hard hard.... engine no
Broomm Broommm sound one?

Maybe I ter"pumped" in Diesel kottt....

I pressed pressed again, got small car overtake my F-22 somemore.... -_-"

Kenapa Boleh Jadi Begini Kehhhhh ????? ADOIII !!!

SAKIT !!!!!

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