Thursday, December 23, 2010

The One About 7 Inches Screen Phone

Yesterday was having lunch near Bangsar area with client. While
waiting for the menu to come, i was scanning the surrounding.

Next table there was this lady with Iron Lady look , must be some
big shot CEO or VP or something of a huge company. She was
sitting with another guy, perhaps her Ma Chai and seems like they
were waiting for some people.....
and her face reminded me of Rod Stewart -_-"

She talked talked talked and then placed her phone on the table and
that looked like a Samsung Galaxy Tab. She touched touched touched
the screen and talked talked talked somemore.

Her client arrived a moment later and the first thing her client said almost
made me spit my chinese tea to my customer face.....

Her client,
" ZOMG !! Wah hah ha ha ha !!! Wow !! 
This is the biggest phone that I ever saw ! 
EVER !!! Really !!"  this was like a 6 in 1 assault
sentence and each of the assaults was a direct hit on the bull eyes -_-"

Lady:" ......... " a bit beh song.

Must be thinking, " knnbbq ! I spent RM2699 bought this phone and you
OMG OMG complaning the phone big, damn kuai lan lah you ! "

Me -_-"

By the way, i am still using a normal phone and when I place this phone
in my pockets, people does not suspect that I carry a cannon or  an
anaconda in my pocket ya !!

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