Friday, November 26, 2010

The One About Your Hairdresser is more terror than my Hairdresser

My rich friend, " Eh ! where do you normally go get your hair dressed?"

Me," errr... infront of my mirror of my bath room loh... "

My rich friend, " I mean, which shop you normally go ? Lot 10 ? 
Pavilion ? Sri Hartamas ? USJ ? Which area ?"

Me, " Oh i have my own regular guy fixing my hair... "

My rich friend, " Your hairdresser from which country ? Mine is from
Hong Kong quite experienced chap, i booking normally 2 days in 
advance can get already. "

Me, " Oh mine no need booking one, he is from Mumbai, i walk in, 
he shake his head, " cut ? " i answered, " yes cut but not too short "
and in 10 mins time i leave RM7 and go home with short hair.

And i sometimes use my bicycle to go to this shop..."

My rich friend, " WTF ? RM7 ? My dog cut hair also RM100 over a pop!"

Me, " Your hair and your dog's hair got gold mah, mine black one."

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