Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The One About White Paper

Just now at lunch near Damansara....

Fat Lay, " Errr... what is White paper already ah ? "

Me, " What paper is a kind of official report, normally from authorities or government or a trusted body, that they publish a statement or report which addresses and explains certain issue, problem or causes, like, a white paper on why certain GLC is not performing, or white paper on why is a Stadium collapse after 2 years in was built. and.."

Fat Lady, " STOP !!!! "

Me, "What ? I am not done yet... "

Fat Lady, " Answer me one thing... "

Me, " Ok , what ? "

Fat Lady, " What is a White Paper Crab ? "

Me, " Harrr ? Where got White Paper on Crabs one ? "

Fat Lady, " Look there ? " Point point....

Me, " LMAO ! White Pepper Crab lah Oiyo !! "

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