Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The One About Calling from Sabah

A few days ago, a friend of mine called for help and over the
phone, " Eh ! Need your help, i am drinking @ Sabah now !! But my 
Ipad cannot get connected to Wifi and browse the net lah ! "

Me, " Wah ! Ipad, i am not very sure about the setting for  it's Wifi woh!"

Friend, " How ? "

Me, " I need to have the device with me, in order to help ya!"

Friend, " Ok Ok ! Never mind "

Me, " sorry ya ! eh eh ! Buy seafood for me har !!! hehehe! "

15 mins later that friend arrived at my home.... -_-"

Me, " Knnbbq ! You said you were at Sabah just now ? "

Friend, " I said I was in drinking nice coffee at  Starbucks ! 
and I was having problem connecting my wifi using my Ipad. 
And why the hell did you ask me to buy seafood for you from
Sabah for??? Now fix my Ipad . go.go.go  !!!! "

Me, " -_-" ok loh "

Starbucks sounds very close to Setapak and Sabah sometimes....

My ears are bad also sometimes.....

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