Thursday, November 25, 2010

The One About Negative Temperature

A friend of mine was going abroad and expected would be winter
with negative ( minus ) temperature. He is also bringing his
DSLR to that destination.

Worried about the extremely cold temperature, he was asking us
on tips and tricks to protect the DSLR from negative temp.

Him," I am very worried about by DSLR and the temperature lah!
some friends suggested dry box, silica gel and stuff like that.. but
these are more for moisture right ?"

I said, " I see, this is pretty simple and free solution here !"

Him," Huh ? Really ? how ?"

Me,"  You go ahead and bring your DSLR to your destination."

Him, " Then ? "

Me, " When the temperature drops to negative / minus , you hold
your DSLR in your hand...and close to your face... "

Him, " Then ? Then ? I blow at it ah ? fooo...foooo.. foooo.. like that ?"

Me, " No lah my dear !! Don't do that, your breath got moist also!

 You should then say something negative to the DSLR like, you stupid
camera, or you slow shutter camera, or you small sensor camera or
you lousy piece of ISO equipment, you ain't worth nothing.... perhaps
some hokkien &^@^^#^!%!%&&*(#$#^^!%% too... "

Him, " Why ? Why ??? "

Me, " Cause , last time my math teacher said, Negative and Negative
becomes positive .... confirmed one ! "

Me, " or you can go to kuwait, cause they ban DSLR there...loh..."

Him," You go get hump by an elephant ! "

Me," lmao ! " run away really fast....

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