Sunday, October 10, 2010

The One About Sugar Cane

This morning was having a morning walk with Ah Lian who is 6
years old. As we passed by some trees and plants i tried to show
off that i watched a lot of Discovery Channel and National Geographic.

Me, " See, this is banana trees... coconut trees... bla.. bla bla...."

Ah Lian, " Oh ! Banana tree ! Why this banana so small one ?"

Me, " It is still growing ma... "

Ah Lian, " Ok Ok ... "

Me, " See this one is sugar cane, we always drink sugar cane juice one?"

Ah Lian, " Oh !!! I know I know !! " me damn syiok...

Ah Lian, " This is Shushi King tree ? We eat Shushi from here one ? "

Me, " Sugar cane tree ! "

Ah Lian, " Ya lah ! Sushi King tree la ! I love shushi "

Me jumped into the longkang and took a bath there to cool myself...


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